backyard tennis court

Backyard tennis court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Why we can be the star of our backyard tennis court? First of all, we are a producer where people can buy high quality products at lower prices. Secondly, our dealers actively promote our products all over the world. Because of its high appearance and good sports performance, many projects have adopted it. Besides, we do not just sell products, we also provide related services to our customers. For example, draw lines, customize colors, logos, and more.

Tiles of backyard tennis court

Modular tennis flooring

Double Layer laminate flooring – Elastic Double Tier, Elastic Diamond and it are the best-selling flooring for backyard tennis court.

Product design

backyard tennis court flooring features

Backyard tennis court price

Usually, the tennis court will use a larger buffer area, and the specific cost needs to be determined by the size of the court and you need to tell us. If you use Elastic Double Tier 600 square meter kit will cost about $10,000. The price of the Elastic Grid Unity product is around $8,000. Of course you can choose our other higher/lower registration products.


ZSFloor’s floor has passed the professional certification, the quality assurance is guaranteed and it has strong competitiveness in the project competition. Contact us for more patents.

How do we serve customers?

Locally backyard tennis court builder

Jame is a Florida sports court builder. His clients approached him to help build tennis court. What the customer needs is a high-quality, match-style tennis court.

Get sampels

Jame looks for suppliers on google. Through setbacks, he discovered ZSFloor. Our salesperson first learned about Jame’s project basics information and his needs, and finally we recommended Elastic Double Tier for him, because Adidas tennis courts have been made of it many times.

adidas tennis court

To make sure that Jame’s customers like it enough, we sent them samples. When they got the samples and tested, the customers made high comments about it. “It’s beautiful and professional”, that’s what he said at the time.

Provide related services

After the size of the court, the number and color of floors are determined, we proceed with production, line drawing, and shipment. It is also worth mentioning that the client needs to add his own logo on tennis court. After we received the picture, the designer made a vector illustration, and finally we printed it on it. With our technology, the logo won’t peel off the paint even after a few years of use.

When he finished the backyard tennis court project, Jame started working with us on a deeper level. For example, we customized products for him, provided publicity services, etc. If you need to know more about dealer rights, please contact us.


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