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Roller Hockey Rink

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all-weather use Roller Hockey Rink

ZSFloor provides roller hockey rink construction solutions with 8 years+ warranty. Because our modular flooring has energy-absorbing buckles, you can use it to build a all-weather use hockey rink, both summer and winter. At the same time, the surface of our hockey rink allows high-speed movement.

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Inline Hockey Rink Price

The standard inline hockey rink dimension is 200 by 85 feet. The price of the mid-range product is $1.6/piece. Usually 1 piece of tiles size is about 1 square foot. There are products at different prices for you to choose. In conclusion, we offer solutions and quotes for any size rink.

Popular Roller Hockey Rink Floor

In order to let people in different environments enjoy the fun of hockey, ZSFloor produced this inline hocky tile made of synthetic plastic. Its surface will not be affected by the environment, in other words, you can play hockey with your friends in the cold winter as well as the hot summer.

In addition, it has a quick drainage design, rainwater will not corrode its surface, you can install it outdoors and use it anytime.

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Why choose our tiles?

Anti-displacement Design – Product Patent

We set up a hidden buckle in the middle of the floor, we call it SG.TOOL, it can automatically correct errors 360 degrees. Install it, your tiles can be firmly fixed on the ground without displacement, prevent the safety of athletes from being threatened by floor displacement. At the same time, it also has the function of windproof and anti-theft.

High Speed Skate

We made corresponding improvements to the floor surface, a flat surface that allows the inline hockey skate to skate at high speeds without leaving scratches on the floor.

Anytime Use

Because ZSFloor cleverly sets up expansion joints, our roller hockey rink floors can be used in an environment of -35°C to +70 °C. Train anytime, hockey club’s first choice.

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strong evidence

We have more than 50 product patents. In addition, our products are tested to comply with FIBA’s parametric requirements. It is used to build some well-known brands of sports courts.

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