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Roller Skating Floor

Provide ODM & custom sports flooring, one stop service.

Customized Roller Skating Floor Supplier

We provide customized roller skating floor for commercial and public rink construction. It is a plastic floor connected by snaps, which can be installed and removed repeatedly. Because of its colorful colors and long service life, more and more professional roller rink builders choose it.

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Surface of Roller Skating Rink

Oudoor Tiles

The prototype of our tile was produced in 2014, and after 8 years of improvement, it has become more and more perfect. We use high molecular weight PP material to make roller skating floor structural support columns and ribs, so their load-bearing capacity is very strong. Each tile can bear a weight of more than 2500N. When you make a big leaps on it, our floor will not be damaged.

Indoor Tiles

It eliminates drainage holes while ensuring structural strength, and is often used in the construction of indoor sports courts. The non-porous design results in a smoother glide and easier cleaning. In addition, it has great noise cancellation when used indoors. Moreover, its four sides have a rounded design to ensure the safety of athletes.

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Cost to Roller Rink Floor

Every skating rink size is different, it depends on the size of your rink space. But don’t worry about it, we provide customized service. We will equip any size court with the corresponding number of floors.

Our roller skating tiles price is usually $0.9-2.5/sq ft, you just need 2 steps get the exact price. Send inquiry to us to tell us your rink size, we will contact you within 24, give you quotation and design drawings.

Benefits of our roller skating floor

Smooth Surface
The surface of our roller skating tiles is flat and smooth, and the joints between the floors will not affect skate. And the outdoor skating floor has good drainage and can usually be dried in 2 hours.

High Strength Surface
The surface of the roller skating tiles are reinforced and will not leave scratches. The floor won’t be damaged during hard impacts, such as when you do a big leap. And, our products come with a 10-year warranty.

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Easy to Install
Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor commercial roller skating rink project, ZSFloor’s floor installation is simple and fast, with low construction requirements. We will design it for you according to the rink drawing and mark the number in advance. After you receive the goods, you only need to put them together according to the number.

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