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Indoor Basketball Court Cost

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Build professional indoor basketball court

ZSFloor provides professional synthetic flooring for the construction of indoor sport court, they are widely used in NBA match courts. Moreover, our solutions include a variety of flooring options, you can even choose a wood grain surface flooring. Get the best tiles of indoor basketball court cost now.

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Our Indoor synthetic flooring’s History

We started researching and producing indoor sports field synthetic flooring for indoor use in 2012. First of all, we redesigned the structure to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the tiles. After continuous improvement, now we have started to use the 3rd generation shock-absorbing pads. ZSFloor indoor basketball court materials are becoming more and more professional. In other words, it’s closer to a hardwood basketball court.

Indoor Basketball Court Types

Customizable color

Indoor floors in regular colors are equipped with built-in shock absorbers. This means its protection for the athlete. Its surface has been specially treated, and there is no extra texture affecting the appearance.

sports court floor tile
wood look sports court floor

Woodlook Surface

Many people love NBA-style wood floors, so we developed wood-like indoor basketball court tiles for our customers. They are faster to install, taking only a few hours to install. Most importantly, they can greatly save builder indoor basketball court cost.

cheap price indoor basketball court cost

The price of indoor basketball court is about $17 per square meter. Welcome to contact us for the price of different products, we will make a quotation sheet for you according to your court size.

Or you can find out the differences and prices of our products with the help of our sales staff.

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ZSFloor Indoor Basketball Court Advantages

Built-in Shock Absorbers
We use TPE material to make the shock absorber, which has good elasticity and elastic recovery. Therefore, our floors have great shock absorption and can be used directly on concrete. It can save you the cost of laying a rubber mat as base.

Consistent & Great Ball Rebound
After testing, our ball rebound rate reaches 99%, which meets the requirements of FIBA’s highest level. Provide professional sports environment for athletes!

Customized indoor basketball court Cost

Customized options: game lines, logos, signatures, packaging logos. If desired, you can even customize products that have grown your brand. We offer great support to dealers.

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ZSFloor Indoor court Gallery

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