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Maintenance Free Tennis Court Flooring Surfaces

ZSFloor Tech’s sports flooring is produced by ourself, so we can sell it at factory prices: $1-2.5 per square foot. It can save you more than 50% of court construction costs.

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ZSFloor Tech is a professional tennis court surfaces manufacturer, we provide maintenance-free modular tennis court flooring. Whether you want to build commercial, community or backyard sports court, we can all provide the most cost-effective solutions. In addition, our floor can withstand high-intensity use for more than 15 years and has 15 years warranty!

Modular Tennis Court Flooring

We use high-quality PP material to make our sports floor. In addition, it has high elastic shock-absorbing pads. Its ball rebound rate reaches 92%, and its shock absorption performance is 50%. So it is the best playing surface material for indoor and outdoor tennis court.

ZSFloor Tech modular tennis floor

Model: Elastic Diamond

Weight: 830±10g/piece

Size: 500mm * 500mm * 15.8mm

Warranty: 15 years

Advantages of ZSFloor Tech tennis court surfaces

ZSFloor Tech has been making maintenance-free sport floors since 2012. Elastic Diamond is the newest model of tennis court surfaces. It combines the advantages of natural grass and artificial grass, hard and red clay tennis court. Therefore, the tennis ball has a consistent direction of bounce and excellent speed on our floor.

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Compared with hard tennis courts, our synthetic tennis court flooring has a very good shock absorption function. We add 144 shock-absorbing pads at the bottom of the floor. They can provide more than 90% of the impact absorption capacity!

Hard or grass tennis courts surface wear out over time. You need to spend extra time and cost to repair or resurface it.

But our modular tennis flooring tiles are easy to maintain. They are integral and has good durability. So you don’t need to maintain it often. You just need to clean the surface with a broom!

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You can use our floor in all weather conditions. We designed expansion joints to accommodate the effects of temperature changes.

In addition, our tiles have a quick-drying design. It can dry in a few hours even in rainy areas. So you can play sports any time.

Make Professional Tennis courts

ZSFloor Tech has produced tennis court flooring for more than 10 years. After product upgrade after product upgrade, we solved the problem of tennis rebound, and now our floor has predictable ball bounce. In addition, don’t worry about falling while playing. Because our court surface has good slip resistance!

Custom Tennis Court Services

ZSFloor Tech can provide fully customized services. Because our flooring is all produced by ourselves. So you can customize the product’s color, size, logo, packaging and so on. This is one of the reasons why many professional sport field builder companies work with us.

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Colorful & Stable Floor Colors

Surface fading has long been a headache for sport courts builders. ZSFloor’s court floor is easy to maintain, ensuring both its strength and the stability of its color.

Because ZSFloor all use imported German BASF organic colorants. It has the characteristics of no heavy metal, high coloring rate and stable color. In addition, we followed the application of color psychology in sports in the choice of colors. You can choose from a variety of colors to decorate your tennis field.

Tennis Court Flooring Installation

We are producers of sports flooring, supplying high quality flooring to people all over the world. Because our flooring is easy to install, you don’t need to require any professional tools. So people can install the floor with our installation guide easily.

You can spend a few hours installing our sports tiles, and then the courts are constructed. It can greatly save the construction cost of the sports courts. We have dealers worldwide who can install our products at your location for your convenience.

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Tennis Court Surfaces Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of foundation is suitable for installing ZSFloor Tech’s modular tennis floor?

You can install our modular floors over a variety of subfloor types including concrete, asphalt, compacted gravel and old tennis courts. Such as laterite or acrylic. The surface must be flat for installation.

Your tennis court need what kinds of maintenance?

Unlike traditional types of tennis material that require frequent and complex maintenance, our floors are maintenance-free. You just need to clean it regularly with a broom, mop to keep it looking good.

Does the weather affect the performance of a your tennis court surfaces?

Our floor can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 to 80 degrees, so you don’t need to worry about weather-related damage. Our floor has drainage holes and quick drying design, it will dry within a few hours after rain or snow.

Can I play pickleball on the tennis court surface?

Yes, you can play pickleball on the tennis court. Our tennis court surface has a consistent ball bounce, so you can play pickleball, tennis, and other small balls on it. We can turn your tennis field into a multi-sports court.

Do you have warranty?

Yes, we have 10 -15 years warranty.

ZSFloor tennis courts gallery

ZSFloor Tech’s Tennis Courts Gallery

Court builders use ZSFloor Tech tiles to build various tennis courts, including our well-known tennis tournament. We not only provide tiles, we provide them with a complete set of solutions and customized business logo services! Use our tiles to make professional playground, practice your tiles and get the tennis grand slam!

Why people like us? – clients feedback

This is the feedback from our customers after using our products some times. Feel free to leave us message to learn more. Get the buyer’s contact info and check the ZSFloor Tech court case near you!

We are using the sports flooring for our outdoor school play area and it is exactly what we were looking for. The material is strong and locks together, the surface is non-slip and slightly raised from the ground which means that when it rains there are no puddles. Overall we are very happy with the service and product.

Adam Bell
School Purchasing in Spain

The seller, Amy, is very helpful. She answered all my questions and worries regarding the product before purchase. Even after the delivery and full payment, she still answers my questions. The warranty is yet to be tested.

My only concern is the paint from the lines (basketball and volleyball). They said they used spray paint. is very competitive as the product is very high quality. I got samples from 4 different companies and this company came out on top the balance of cost and quality. The product I bought is Elastic PRO.

Allan Christopher Sy
Backyard Court Client in United States

ZSFloor Tech was awesome to deal with and the court exceeded my expectation. 10/10 would recommend.

Daniel Johnson
Sport Court Builder in United States

The product has a great material for my outside half court basketball setup. The tiles interlock without effort and the supplier sent the boxes so that they were arranged easily to connect the pieces.

I spoke with Stella to throughout the process, and she was extremely reliant and responsive. She was able to help with every step and would update on progress. I was very happy with her customer service.

Domoniq Doby
Backyard Client in United States

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How We Ensure Tiles Quality and Ship

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How We Ensure Quality?

¡Obtenga las mejores ofertas en pisos para canchas deportivas!

Precios Inmejorables: Garantizamos los mejores precios del mercado, $1-$2.5 por pie cuadrado.
Garantía de Calidad: 15 años de garantía.
Personalización: Adapte su cancha a sus preferencias con nuestras opciones versátiles.

Desbloquea estas ofertas exclusivas dejando tu información de contacto y te enviaremos un código de descuento especial que podrás usar en tu próxima compra.

Ahorro en Costos de Cancha Deportiva

¡Obtenga las mejores ofertas en pisos para canchas deportivas!

Desbloquea estas ofertas exclusivas dejando tu información de contacto y te enviaremos un código de descuento especial que podrás usar en tu próxima compra.

Ahorro en Costos de Cancha Deportiva