portable pickleball court

Portable pickleball court

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Make DIY backyard Pickleball Court

ZSFloor offers tiles and construction solutions for portable pickleball court. Whether it’s a home sport court or a commercial court, you can get customized options. Now build a court that will last 10+ years.

backyard pickleballl court

Durable pickleball Court

First of all, portable pickleball court surface has multiple drainage holes and drainage textures, and rainwater will not adhere to it. In other words, don’t worry about it being rainy where you are, the rain won’t eat it and it will dry out in a few hours.

In addition, because we use high-quality raw materials and the “Energy Lock” design, it can be used in environments with large temperature differences. According to our test, it still performs well in the environment of -30°C to 80°C.

Portable Pickleball Court Tiles

This is a pickleball tile for all ages. It not only has excent balls rebound, but also has good shock absorption, so as to avoid injury to people’s joints, which is the protection for family members!

At the same time, because of our snap-on design, it’s portable and it can be installed easily, only takes a few hours to complete and requires no maintenance.

pickleball court tiles-elastic grid unity

ZSFloor Pickleball Court Advantages

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As a manufacturer of sports tiles, ZSFloor not only sells tiles at factory prices but also provide highly customized services. You can make any size court with our floor. In addition, we can add logo and lines for you before shipping, your kid will be happy when he sees his favorite team logo on the court!

Environmentally Friendly

ZSFloor has been committed to providing environmentally friendly sports flooring. Our tiles are made of PP and TPE materials. So our floors last longer than traditional liquid or granular sport court materials and are fully recyclable.

Use it to build a portable pickleball court where you and your family will have fun.

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sport court for a club


We designed two “hidden covers” on top of the floor. This is our fixed device, we call it “SG.TOOL”. This kind of innovative design is our patent. You can remove the cover to install the setscrews, so you don’t have to worry about the floor shifting or being stolen. After the fixing is completed, the cover is closed, and it does not affect the appearance of the surface and the rebound of the ball.

ZSFloor pickleball courts gallery

ZSFloor Pickleball Gallery

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