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Basketball Court

Provide ODM & custom sports flooring, one stop service.

Outdoor Basketball Court

ZSFloor provides customers with customized commercial and backyard outdoor basketball court construction solutions. Get high quality sports tiles from us and realize your basketball dreams.

Popular Outdoor Basketball Court Surface

ZSFloor basketball court flooring is equipped with built-in shock absorber, so it can provide ≥96% bounce rate. Above all, it meet the parameters of the FIBA, that’s why court builders like ZSFloor.

basketball court floor with built-in shock absorbers
NIKE event half basketball court

ZSFloor Basketball Court Tiles Advantages

Protect Athletic’s Joints
The built-in shock absorber breaks down the pressure on the floor surface, so it can protect the athlete’s joints.

Energy Absorbing Lock
It can ensure the floor no bulging and fracturing by expansion and contraction when temperature changes. So the system can increase floor’s service life.

Professional Sports Performance

Non-slip & Ball rebound well
Surface choose texture design, so it provides good anti-slip performance and 96% ball bounce rate.

Safety Guarantee
It can fix the floor to the ground through our SG.TOOL, so it help windproof, anti-theft, anti-displacement.

multi outdoor sports courts
blue school full basketball court

Customized Manufacturer

Because we are sport floor manufacturer with 10 years of experience. So we can provide not only highly customized services but also differentiated products to our customers.

In other words, you can make your dream home sports court come true or have some product advantages in the competition of business projects.

Get Free 3D Court Drawings

See what your dream basketball court will look like when it’s finished, from every angle.

basketball court 3D design drawing

Outdoor Basketball Court Price

We have different product lines to meet your project budget needs. ZSFloor outdoor basketball court tiles price is 0.9-2.5 $ /square feet.
Contact for free samples. Communicate with our professionals and get the suitable products.

Why court builders like ZSFloor?

sport court custom service

Fully Customisable

From products to services, ZSFLOOR provides customized services. Above all, it can meet your project needs.

nbl and nba basketball court

Used in NBA and NBL Court

ZSFloor are used in NBA/NBL. Meanwhile, our products fully meet the requirements of the professional match.

differentiated basketball floor

Differentiated product

Our R&D team are constantly improving and developing better sports floors. Therefore, our products have strong competitiveness in the market.

ZSFloor basketball courts gallery

ZSFloor Basketball Gallery

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