an athletic play basketball on ZSFloor sport court tiles

Sport court tiles

Provide ODM & custom sports flooring, one stop service.

Certified Sport Court Tiles

ZSFloor provides different grades of sport court tiles to meet customers’ needs. Our floors can be used not only for outdoor courts but also for indoor training courts. Whether you want to build a commercial court or a backyard court, we provide you with highly customized solutions, in other words, we are responsible for every customer!

modular sport court tiles

professional Sport court flooring

We provide modular sport court tiles for basketball, tennis, hockey, futsal, volleyball courts and other sports courts construction. You can even use our flooring to make your court become a multi-sports court.

Our floor has built-in shock absorbers so it can protect the athlete’s ankles and joints. In addition, its ball rebound has been tested to meet the requirements of various sports. In conclusion, we provide professional and safe sport court solutions.

Outdoor Sport Court Tiles

Elastic X

It is outdoor sport tiles with professional sports performance. The floors are connected elastically for extra long service life. It is often used to build large sports courts.

outdoor sports flooring elastic x
blue basketball court tiles

Elite X

More professional outdoor court sports surface. It has the best shock absorption capacity. It is often used in outdoor schools, NBA and other professional basketball courts.

Elastic Pro

It is our most popular multipurpose sports floor. Due to its beautiful appearance and high cost performance, most sports field builders will choose it. It can be used on basketball courts, pickleball courts, volleyball courts, etc.

popular ourdoor basketball court flooring
outdoor tennis court floor

Elastic Diamond

This is our floor designed specifically for small balls, it has a double layer structure surface. It can ensure that the tennis ball has a constant bounce. Commonly used in the construction of tennis courts and pickleball courts.

Elastic Grid Unity

This is one of our cost-effective outdoor double-layer structural sport court tiles. It is often used by our clients to build pickleball courts.

pickleball court tiles-elastic grid unity
kids playground & kindergarten floor

Super Soft

Its surface is very soft, which can prevent people from falling and hurting and provide a safe exercise environment. Kindergarten playgrounds need it most.

Indoor Sport Court Tiles

Elastic Mat

It is a professional interior floor with a flat and non-slip surface. It is easy to install and does not require rubber mats as a base. In other words, you save construction costs.

indoor futsal court floor tile

Running Track Material

prefabricated running track material

This is professional running track material, eco-friendly and no smell. It has good shock absorption and non-slip. Professional gymnasiums will use it to build track and fields to ensure that professional events can be held.

ZSFloor Court Tiles’ Advantages & Patents

the animation shows the shock absorption ability of the elastic cushion

Elastic Cushions

Dozens of elastic pads are evenly added to the bottom of the floor, providing good shock absorption. Also has elastic pads at the floor joints.

expansion screws can be installed under the cover in the middle of the floor


Secure the floor to the ground to prevent the floor from shifting. At the same time, it also has the function of windproof and anti-theft.

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