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Indoor and Outdoor Sport Court Tiles & Flooring

ZSFloor Tech’s sports flooring is produced by ourself, so we can sell it at factory prices: $1-2.5 per square foot. It can save you more than 50% of court construction costs.

The multipurpose Sport Court Tiles

ZSFloor Tech manufactures the best sports flooring and sells them at affordable prices. Our sport court tiles are ideal for any sport and meet FIBA ball bounce requirements!

In addition, our floors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor courts. Whether you want to build a commercial or backyard sport court, we can provide you with highly customized solutions. In other words, we are responsible for every customer!

modular sport court tiles

professional court flooring for all Sports

We provide different modular high performance sport court tiles for basketball, tennis, pickleball, hockey, futsal, volleyball and other courts construction. In other words, we designed floors with different structures and surfaces to meet the needs of different sports. For example, basketball court tile surface has larger drainage holes for greater shock absorption. Tennis outdoor court tile has a surface with fewer drainage holes, it focuses on maintaining a consistent ball rebound.

professional Sport court flooring

Safe Outdoor Court Flooring

Our floor has built-in shock absorbers so it can protect the athlete’s ankles and joints. According to FIBA rules, the basketball floor must have a rebound rate of at least 90%.

The highest level permanent floor must have a rebound rate of at least 93%. After testing, ZSFloor Tech tiles ball bounce rate reaches 95%. In conclusion, we provide professional and safe sport field solutions.

outdoor basketball sport court flooring
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ZSFloor Tech’s Sport Court Tiles Patents

ZSFloor Tech holds over 60 patented products. Our patents can help people exercise more safely.

Our sport tile can make a statement when used in Nike sports field and other projects. For example, our resilient pads designs enhance the floor’s impact-absorbing capabilities. The design of this structure is very similar to the design of hardwood sport court flooring!

the animation shows the shock absorption ability of the elastic cushion

Elastic Cushions: Built-in Shock Absorbers

We evenly add dozens of elastic pads to the bottom of the floor. They can provide good shock absorption. Even the floor joints have shock absorbing pads. In other words, it ensures consistent ball bounce everywhere on the floor.

expansion screws can be installed under the cover in the middle of the floor

SG.TOOL: fixed Tiles device

Our floors are modular, you can install and remove them easily. But we also offer matching fixed device. You can use it to anchor the tiles to the ground and keep them from moving. In other words, this design makes our floors anti-wind, anti-theft and anti-displacement.

Elite X sports Flooring Introduction

The Elite X from ZSFloor Tech represents the pinnacle of innovation in court surface. We’ll show you why it has unmatched shock absorption and durability in a video. Additionally, you can view its intricate layout. For example, its textured surface, slip resistance, etc.

basketball court installation in las vegas

Advantages of Our Sports Floor

the sports flooring's non-slip surface

Non-Slip Surface

All of our floors feature a textured surface. As we know, texture design can increase the friction of the floor. However, ZSFloor Tech isn’t just applying a few textures on the surface of the tile. This texture design is the result of our hundreds of experiments and tests.

A shallow texture does not provide enough skid resistance. If the athlete uses a deep texture, they will severely scratch the skin when falling.

We experimented, and finally our choice reached a balance between slip resistance and safety. On the one hand, the slip resistance of our floor meets the requirements of FIBA. On the other hand, athletes fall without chafing their skin.

sport court tiles with jordan logo

customized options

ZSFloor Tech sports flooring is an ideal material for building backyard basketball court. Everyone’s backyard dimension is different, you need to choose a different number of tiles according to the actual situation.

We offer a high degree of customize because we produce all our floors ourselves. Any size, any color, any customized logo is an easy job for ZSFloor Tech. In addition, we also provide some standard size court kits to speed up our delivery. Contact us to build your unique space.

outdoor modular sport basketball court

Durable: warranty

The world’s top 500 companies provide the raw materials for our flooring. High-quality raw materials are the first step to ensure the service life of tiles. Secondly, our floors will go through strict quality tests before going on the market. Our partner institutions have laboratories in Africa, Asia, Europe and other environments with different climates.

Additionally, we design our floors with expansion joints. It prevents thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes from damaging the floor. Finally, we offer each customer a 15-year warranty, and we will deliver the warranty together with the shipment.

Outdoor Sport Court Tiles

Elite X – Basketball Court Floor

It is our ultimate outdoor court sports surface. They developed it for an outdoor basketball court. Because it has the latest shock cushions, it has the best shock absorption capacity. Furthermore, famous outdoor basketball courts, such as school playground and NBA outdoor courts, have utilized them.

blue basketball sport court tiles
popular outdoor basketball sport court flooring

Elastic Pro – Multi Tile

It is our most popular multi sport court flooring. It not only has a beautiful appearance but also has the highest cost performance. Most court builders will use it to build the their dream playground. Most people will use the floor to make playgrounds like basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and so on.

Elastic X

It is outdoor sport floor tiles with professional performance. The floors connect flexibly for extra long service life. People frequently use it to construct extensive sports arenas.

outdoor sports flooring elastic x
outdoor tennis court floor

Elastic Diamond – Tennis/Pickleball Floor

This is our floor designed specifically for small balls, it has a double layer structure surface. It can ensure that the tennis ball has a constant bounce. Commonly used in the construction of tennis and pickleball courts.

Elastic Grid Unity – Pickleball Court Floor

This is one of our cost-effective outdoor double-layer structural tiles. Our clients often use it to build pickleball courts.

pickleball court tiles-elastic grid unity
kids playground & kindergarten floor

Super Soft – Kids Playground Floor

Its surface is very soft, which can prevent people from falling and hurting and provide a safe exercise environment. Kindergarten playgrounds mainly use it.

Indoor Sports Flooring

Elastic Mat

It is a professional indoor flooring with a flat and non-slip surface. It is easy to install and does not require rubber mats as a base. In other words, you save construction costs.

This is the ideal gym flooring covering for indoor sports practice arenas. The Hoop Factory utilized it to construct an indoor court!

indoor futsal court floor tile

Running Track Material

prefabricated running track material

This is professional running track material, eco-friendly and no smell. It has good shock absorption and non-slip. Professional gymnasiums will use it to build track and fields.

The Way to Install a Basketball Court Floor

ZSFloor Tech’s modular tiles are perfect for do-it-yourself installation. We wanna help our customers install sport courts more simply and conveniently. Therefore, we will provide a customized installation manual according to the drawings of the customer’s courts.

sport court installation support
  1. Open box 1, take out a floor piece, and place it in the corner as shown in the picture.
  2. Then continue to complete the floor installation numbered from 1-1 to 1-25 according to the number.
  3. After you install the 1-x floors, you can complete the 2-1 through 2-25 numbered floors next to it. Remember to proceed with the surface installation from corner 2-1.
  4. After you install all floors, your court line will display correctly. We’ll paint the court lines for our customers before we send the tiles out! Finally, you will need to install edge flooring around the court to maintain its aesthetics.

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