Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles

outdoor basketball court tiles and a basketball court built with it

NBA Level Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles

ZSFloor provide the ultimate, NBA game grade, professional outdoor basketball court tiles. They have professional ball bounce and the latest shock absorption technology. In addition, its data meet the requirements of FIBA.

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Product Information

Model: Elite X

Weight: 460±10g/piece


Color: 12 standard colors and custom color options

non-slip surface

Elite X are upgraded outdoor basketball court tiles version of Elastic Pro, as a result, it adopt some new product patents. The surface is sun-textured, so it improve its slip resistance. Moreover, flexible connection design make it be all weather use.

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portable basketball flooring backside

NIKE Sole Design

The bottom is equipped with a corrugated shock absorber to improve the shock absorption capacity on the other hand it improves the friction between the tile and the ground.

Each floor is equipped with a third-generation safety guard, which makes the tiles more stable and will not slide sideways when playing.

Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles Structure System

elite x's features

Technical Parameter

S/NTesting Description
1Outlook QualityColor Tonality is uniform with no obvious color differences; there is bot blister, crack lines and inferior plastic mix.Pass Comply
2Floor LoadingTest Sample is subjected to force of 15KN for a furation of 1 minute, there should not be any visual damages to the test sample.PassComply
3Ball Rebound%≥90%98%Comply
4Force Reduction%≥40% – ≤75%65%Comply
5Ageing, 168HTest sample do not show color degration, and outlook does not have the powdery degration(UV test and Weathering).PassComply
6High Temperature Test
(70 degs C, 24h)
Test sample do not show degration, cracks and obvious color tone changes.PassComply
7Low Temperature Test
(-50 degs C, 24h)
Test sample do not show degration, cracks and obvious color tone changes.PassComply
8Coefficient of Friction0.5-0.70.6Comply
9Slip Resistance≥80 – ≤110107Comply
10Vertical Deformation≥1.5mm – ≤5.0mm2Comply
11Fire RatingGrade 11Comply
Elite X Product Testing
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outdoor basketball court tiles with warranty

We cooperated with “Li Jie”, the director of Beijing Additive Additives Research Institute to carry out research and development improvement. At the same time, he is also an experienced senior engineer. He has his own research institutes in Dubai, Africa, Russia, and he can test the material in different environments. Therefore, the auxiliaries jointly developed by Li Jie and us were added to our sports floor.

Therefore, our floors can be used in environments ranging from – 50℃~ + 80℃. Also, our floors are UV resistant because we dare to offer 10 years warranty, it has a lifespan of more than 15 years.

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