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Pickleball Court Surface

ZSFloor Tech’s sports flooring is produced by ourself, so we can sell it at factory prices: $1-2.5 per square foot. It can save you more than 50% of court construction costs.

Professional Pickleball Court Surface

ZSFloor Tech provides professional and durable pickleball court surface for home backyard builders and commercial projects. We provide modular pickleball courts tiles made by high-quality polypropylene material. Our floor is flat enough and the ball bounces well. What’s more, the sports court construction plan is customizable.

pickleball court tiles-elastic grid unity

Pickleball Court Surface Options

Model: Elastic Grid Unity

Weight: 320±10g/piece

Size: 305*305*14.5mm

Color: 12 colors options & custom color

Advantages of ZSFloor Tech’s Pickleball Court Surface

Professional & Most people’s choice

Our modular pickleball surface have become the first choice of most pickleball court builders, because of its high safety and it can be installed and disassembled quickly.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in recent years, so ZSFloor Tech has improved the court tiles surface for pickleball. So our tiles’ ball rebound speed and direction are now as good as on concrete. After testing, their ball rebound coefficient meets the requirements of The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP).

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We produce the tiles using high strength polypropylene plastic and our unique additive formulation so it has a longer lifespan.

It’s UV resistant and you can set it up both indoor and outdoor. Additionally, we back Elastic Grid Unity with an unconditional 8-year warranty.

Our Design of Pickleball court Flooring

elastic grid unity features

Pickleball Court Surface material

high temperature resistant

Elastic Grid Unity is an affordable pickleball court surface. Firstly it is made up of 4 blocks that allow for more adjustable areas between the tiles, as a result, the surface will hardly be damaged by high heat.

consistent rebound

Secondly, it’s surface adopts a cross-shaped double-layer pattern design, so it can improve the strength of the product and provide good ball rebound. Using it, you don’t have to maintain it from time to time, maintenance-free design.

backyard pickleballl court
diy pickleball court

Built-in Shock Absorbers

As we know, when playing, athletes need to bounce, adults are heavier and play more intense than children. Therefore, their joints are subjected to greater forces. So they need schock absorbers to break down the force to protect the joints. Moreover, the schock absorbers can also act as a booster to help the athlete take off.

Our innovative medium molecular weight SEBS material acts as cushions, which is a shock absorber built into the bottom of the floor. In addition, our cushions are placed not only in the middle part of the floor, but also at the junction of each floor. After installation, the mats are completely evenly distributed throughout the site. Whether the ball lands on a link or in the middle of the floor, it will bounce in the same direction.

Pickleball Court Surfaces Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZSFloor Tech pickleball court surface suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, ZSFloor Tech has professional outdoor and indoor pickleball cuort tiles. The outdoor tiles have drainage function and the indoor floor surface is completely flat, click to view our indoor flooring.

I live in the United States/Canada do you offer delivery? In which areas can you provide delivery to your customers?

Yes, we offer home delivery to every customer whether you are in the US, Canada, Europe or other countries. We will contact a freight forwarder to deliver our flooring to your door, click to view our shipping policy to learn more.

Is this pickleball court surface removable? Can I fix it to the ground?

It is modular tiles, and the tiles are linked by snaps, so you can install and remove it many times, and it is very easy, very suitable for commercial activities. In addition, we set up auxiliary fixing equipment, and you can choose to permanently fix it on the ground, which has anti-theft and windproof functions.

Can I play tennis or basketball on it?

Of course you can, and they are also suitable for tennis and basketball. If you need play other sports on your pickleball court, we’ll help you turn it into a multipurpose court.

Can it be installed on gravel/concrete/asphalt/grass?

The pickleball court surface needs to be installed on a flat, stable surface. Usually we recommend that you install on concrete or asphalt ground. If it is a gravel or stone floor, they needs to be evaluated by our team. Besides, we do not recommend you install it on grass, because when it rains, grass is unstable and uneven.

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