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Tennis Court Surface

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Maintenance-free tennis court surface

ZSFloor is a professional tennis court surface manufacturer, we provide maintenance-free plastic modular tiles. In addition, it is made of polymer materials, so it can usually withstand high-intensity use for more than ten years. We provide 5 to 10 years warranty for each customer.

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Modular Tennis Court Tiles

Model: Elastic Diamond

Weight: 830±10g/piece

Size:500mm * 500mm * 15.8mm

Warranty: 10 years

Used in adidas court

Since we started developing and producing modular sports flooring in 2012, we have been working on a maintenance-free professional tennis court tile. ZSFloor finally produced Elastic Diamond, the best tennis court surface, by combining the advantages of grass tennis courts and hard tennis courts.

We’ve taken it to various tennis courts events so far. For example, adidas match courts. Athletes love it.

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outdoor tennis full court

Consistent & Quick Ball Rebound

Unlike basketballs, tennis balls are smaller, so we used a cross-shaped, double-layered surface. It drains well and has a flat surface, when tennis balls a quick and consistent bounce when dropped on it.

Product Details

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Advantages of ZSFloor tennis court surface

Shock Absorbing Function

Compared with hard tennis courts and etc. , our synthetic tennis flooring has a very good shock absorption function. The shock-absorbing pads at the bottom of the tiles can provide more than 90% of the impact absorption capacity, so athletes don’t have to worry about their leg joints being injured during long-term exercise.

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Colorful & Stable Floor Colors

Surface fading has long been a headache for tennis court builders. But the court floor provided by ZSFloor is maintenance-free, which not only ensures the strength of the floor, but also ensures the stability of the color of the floor surface.

Because ZSFloor all use imported German BASF organic colorants. It has the characteristics of no heavy metal, high coloring rate and stable color. In addition, we followed the application of color psychology in sports in the choice of colors. You can choose from a variety of colors to decorate your tennis court.

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