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Outdoor Court Tiles

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Outdoor Court Tiles With NIKE Sole Design

ZSFloor provide outdoor court tiles with good shock absorption. We’ve innovatively brought the shock-absorbing design of sneaker soles to outdoor sports tiles. Therefore, it is a modular tile that complies with FIBA sports parameters.

outdoor sports flooring elastic x

Product Information

Model: Elastic X

Weight: 940±10g/piece

Size:500mm * 500mm * 19mm

Color: Custom colors are optional

Revolutionary built-in shock absorber

Firstly, we use better TPE material to make the shock absorber. Secondly, we increase its contact area with the ground. Most importantly, We have adopted a corrugated design on it, this is the same concept as NIKE’s sole design. In conclusion, it increase the friction between the tiles and the ground and improve the tiles shock absorption capacity.

outdoor sport court tiles' shock absobers
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Outdoor Court Tiles With Flexible Connection

We have adopted flexible connections between the floors, in other words, we added variable expansion joints between the tiles. Therefore, it can be used in environments with large temperature differences, and the service life of the tiles has been greatly increased.

We assure all our customers that we provide a 10-year warranty.

Outdoor Court Tiles with 10 Patents

We have used more than 10 product patents on Elastic X tiles. In other words, it is a sport court tile with project competitiveness. For example, it can be fixed and has a high anti-skid coefficient.

outdoor court tiles features

Product Description

Environmental Impact Manufacturing ISO 14004:2015 Certified Facility
Waste Zero Waste Facility
End of Life

100% Recycleable

Antimicrobial Does Not Promote Bacterial Growth
Allergens 100% Allergen Free
Ease of Maintenance Daily Dry Dust Mop
Monthly Wet Mop
Annual No Annual Maintenance Required
Product Construction System Material Proprietary High Impact Polypropelene Blend
System Structure Suspended Solid Top Modules with Customizable Underlayment
System Wearlayer Permanent UV-Cured MultilayerPolyurethane
Module Dimensions 500*500*19mm
Module Weight 940±10g/piece

Our Services

We can provide customers with highly customized services. Because ZSFloor is a outdoor court tiles manufacturer, we can customize many aspects of products and services, such as product color, packaging and so on.

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