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Outdoor Volleyball Court

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Safe Outdoor Volleyball Court construction

ZSFloor provide outdoor volleyball court construction solution for home and commercial project. As a responsible supplier, we offer volleyvall court tiles that is safe enough, the tiles surface prevents athletes from scratching their skin. In addition, the bottom shock absorber can well protect the athlete’s joints.

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ZSFloor is a manufacturer focusing on sports flooring. Our annual production and sales of sports court floor area exceeds 3 million square meters. More importantly, we not only provide floors for family court, but also provide outdoor volleyball court flooring for clubs, schools, match events, and commercial activities court such as Nike.

This provides us with valuable experience and tells us how to improve our products and services.

Recommended Volleyball Court Floor

Outdoor Volleyball Court Flooring

We use completely environmentally friendly pp material to make the sports floor, so its surface is elastic. In addition, if the players’ skin may directly touch the floor when they save the ball, the texture of the ZSFloor floor surface has been designed to protect them from scratches.

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Indoor volleyball court tiles

Some clubs or sports training schools need to build the volleyball court indoors. At this time, we recommend choosing our indoor special floor.

Outdoor Volleyball Court Construction Cost

Volleyball court total size is about 1740.5 sqft, so you need to spend $1600-$4350 to buy sport tiles to build it. According to your budget choice, we will recommend the most suitable product for you. We recommend you get samples to check and will provide it for you for free.

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Our Volleyball Court Tiles Features

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Unmatched Shock Absorption
Volleyball players often spike, which requires high shock absorption capacity of the floor. The bottom of ZSFloor‘s tiles is equipped with 50 elastic cushions and the elastic surface layer on the surface both provides good shock absorption at the same time.

Elastic Surface
The soft surface prevents the athlete from falling and chafing the skin when saving the ball. We also applied this design to kindergarten and got good feedback. At the same time, the surface of the floor provides good anti-skid performance to prevent athletes from accidental falls. The safety of our customers is always our first consideration!

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DIY volleyball Court Lines
The ZSFloor will pre-draw lines by our professional master in our factory before shipment, the game lines are optional, you can turn your court into a multifunctional court. Once the lines are drawn, we will mark the floor number, you just need to put them together when you receive them.

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