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Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

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Indoor Basketball Court Flooring with shock absorbers

Use indoor basketball court flooring with shock absorbers to make professional sport court. Get a match-level sports experience. What’s more, it is durable enough. The high-strength structure of the tiles provides a service life of more than 10 years.

indoor basketball court floor tiles

Product Information

Model: Mat X

Weight: 480±10g/piece


Color: 12 standard colors and custom color options

smooth surface

The design of the surface is derived from the wooden floor. Unique design of the surface provides great friction while providing a smooth surface. It even has a certain reflective ability like wooden floors.

school indoor basketball gym court
indoor sport tiles with built-in shock absorbers

High Strength Support Column

We put 25 elastic cushions on the back of floor, which plays the role of shock absorption. So you don’t need buy rubber mats as the base layer. Certainly it can saves your indoor sport court construction cost.

On the other hand, the elastic cushions can reduce noise.

Indoor basketball court flooring – 6 Unique Product Designs

mat x features
indoor training court

Cost-effective & maintenance-free

Traditional indoor hardwood floors are prohibitively expensive and complicated to install, you need spend much time and money to maintain. We hope to provide customers with cheaper and cost-effective floors. So we designed and produced the Mat X, which has shock pads on the bottom to provide shock absorption like a wooden floor.

Professional & Safe Indoor Basketball Court Flooring

Our annual sales of indoor basketball court floors are more than 30,000 square meters. Usually, they are used in basketball training schools, school indoor gymnasiums, indoor competition courts. Some basketball training school coaches use our professional floor to make court.

On the one hand, it can simulate the rebound and friction of NBA basketball court. On the other hand, it has safe material and surface designed to protect the athlete.

indoor basketball court wih wood color

Mat X Applications

There are a variety of flooring colors to choose from here, and you can even choose the wood look color. At the same time, we can use different colors to distinguish each area when drawing the lines. In other words, you can turn it into a multi-sport court or a multi-basket training court.

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