multi sport court tiles and Its use cases

Multi Sport Court Tiles

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Popular Multi Sport Court Tiles

Elastic Pro is our popular and professional multi sport court tiles. Because it has excellent appearance, high strength structure, good athletic performance and cheap price, the Elastic Pro become a star on the sports court!

Quick-drying design, built-in shock absorbers and excellent slip resistance have been designed in consideration. Most importantly, it has passed various data tests.

popular ourdoor multi sport court flooring

multi sport court tiles Information

Model: Elastic Pro

Weight: 340±10g/piece


Color: 12 colors options & custom color

Available for various sports

Elastic Pro can be used not only for basketball courts, tennis courts, and pickleball courts, but also for the construction of skating rinks, hockey and other courts.

We chose this surface after hundreds of tests. First, it’s flat enough. Second, its non-slip performance is up to par.

basketball flooring for sale- elastic pro
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Anti-displacement design

In order to avoid the possible displacement of the modular floor under high-intensity sports, our multi sport court tiles are designed with a fixing device. It is hidden in the middle of the tile, and its structure will not be damaged when installed, and its beauty will not be affected.

Product System Function Introduction

elastic pro features

Product Design – SG.TOOL

Our fixing device is called “SG.TOOL”, which is one of our product patents, which makes the floor have the functions of windproof, anti-theft and anti-displacement.

The fixing device is not simply a screw, it has a three-layer structure. The first layer is an expansion screw. We drill expansion screws into the ground for fixing. The strength of the screw is 400Mpa.

multi-sports court for sale
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Secondly, the second layer is our inner ring. It is in contact with the nail and the outer ring. The inner ring is made of nylon and long glass fiber material. It has high strength and toughness. Avoid damage when it comes into contact with the nail.

Finally, the third layer is the outer ring. It is in contact with the inner ring and the floor. The outer ring is made of TPE material composed of medium and low molecular weight SEBS. It has good rebound. It can absorb the ability of two hard materials, the inner ring and the floor. So it can prevent them from being damaged in direct contact.

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