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Kids Playground Flooring

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Make Safe Kids Playground

ZSFloor provides safe and colorful kids playground flooring. Our main concern when designing and producing is to keep kids safe. Finally, we found safe PP plastic and flexible TPE material to make the kids floor.

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Safe Kids Playground Flooring

Model: Super Soft

Weight: 460±10g/piece

Size: 305.8*305.8*15.5mm

Material: PP + TPE

Benefits of Our Kids Playground Flooring

Soft Surface Material

TPE is a non-toxic and tasteless material. Further, TPE is recyclable and environmentally friendly. So Super Soft’s surface adopts a soft surface layer of TPE material. Therefore, it is usually used in the kindergarten. The soft surface layer prevents the skin from being scratched when falling.

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flame retardant

In order to eliminate all potential safety hazards, we added antibacterial and flame-retardant materials to the floor during the production process, which further improved the safety performance of use.

6 systems to protect kids safety

super soft features

Kids playground flooring with soft surface

Super Soft is inspired by NBA basketball courts. The developers of ZSFloor designed a three-layer structure to make it. We controlled the molecular mass, and finally made a soft surface layer and installed it on the surface of Super Soft. It is relatively soft, which can prevent children from falling and hurt, but it will not dent when walking on it. This is the choice we have tried and matched many times.

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We bond the surface layer to the keel through a two-color injection molding process. Its bond strength is high enough that it will not fall off. The keel has cross-shaped reinforcing ribs, which can bear more than several tons. At the same time, its linear expansion coefficient is low, which can prevent thermal expansion and contraction. Our keels are black because carbon black has the highest anti-aging properties, and UV shielding agents are added to the black to further prevent aging.

Eventually we installed elastic cushions under the keel to improve shock absorption.

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