backyard half court basketball

Backyard Half Court Basketball

ZSFloor Tech’s sports flooring is produced by ourself, so we can sell it at factory prices: $1-2.5 per square foot. It can save you more than 50% of court construction costs.

Sorry for customers who have already purchased ZSFloor Tech sports flooring!

We brings a new promotional activities. The first 50 customers to buy sport court kit which is on stocking, can get a discount of 15% off, ends at September 30. Promo code: ZSSEP2023.

Make diy backyard half court basketball

ZSFloor provides interlocking sports floors to help people quickly build backyard half court basketball. Any color and size court are optional. Build once and you can use it for a lifetime. This will be the most meaningful gift a father can give to his family.

Full Sport Court building Solution

We don’t just sell flooring to customers, we provide customers with complete and cost-effective solutions. Everyone’s backyard half court basketball size may be different. We will discuss the color of the floor, the position of the customize logo, design the three-point lines and etc., and finally we will complete the drawing.

A half basketball court can also have full three-point lines, diy logos, and more. In other words, you can enjoy the functionality of full basketball court using only a portion of the backyard area.

basketball court photo-11
blue basketball court tiles

Surface of Backyard half court basketball

This floor was specially developed for basketball courts. Its shock absorbing pads has excellent elasticity, and it can greatly improve the impact absorption capacity of the ground.

The variable expansion joints between the floors allow it to be used in more environments, in other words the performance of the floor will not be affected by changes in temperature. Play any time, it has the most professional performance.

Advantages of Our backyard half court basketball

Quick Dry Technology

We can’t stop the weather from raining, but we’ve added quick-dry technology to the floor so that it won’t interfere with your playtime.

anti-slip technology

We cannot guarantee that athletes will not fall, but we reduce the probability of users falling through the high slip resistance of the floor.

Shock Absorption Technology

Most importantly, we protect the athlete’s lower knee from injury by placing shock absorbers at the floor.

backyard green basketball courts


It only needs a concrete or asphalt foundation to install. Some gravel environments need to be evaluated by our engineers before installing.

When installed, it is maintenance-free, you only need to clean it with water, and it also has a ten-year warranty.

ZSFloor basketball courts gallery

ZSFloor Basketball Court Gallery

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Build a basketball court for your kid, not only will his body be exercised but he will be the center of attention for the kids! Your backyard will be filled with the sounds of children’s joy.

ZSFloor Tech’s Google Reviews

Alan Quinn
Alan Quinn

I have been working with Sheryl and she has been excellent in her response and professionalism.

eduardo lehoux
eduardo lehoux

Sheryl, have a superb sense of responsability and service. Great communication skills and kindness.
I’m glad to have chose ZS products.
Great quality product.

ivan ferreiro
ivan ferreiro

He recibido el producto y estoy encantado, serios y responsables en la entrega. Lo aconsejo

Tyler Howell
Tyler Howell

I recently started a roller rink business and these tiles that they have provided me are a BLESSING! they’re perfect for what I’m doing and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

David Cruzado
David Cruzado

brian colla
brian colla

The purchase of the court was an easy process and Stella made everything very smooth. She communicated with me throughout the process and provided excellent service. The product was easy to install and looks fantastic.

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