basketball court installation in las vegas

Basketball court installation las vegas

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Get the service of basketball court installation las vegas from ZSFloor, we provides basketball court tiles and solutions in the US. In addition, our tiles meet international standards and deliver to your door. Choose your favorite design and logo, then, we will make your dream basketball court come true. Enjoy a high-quality sports experience with your family.

Basketball court installation las vegas flooring introduction

temporary sports flooring

Outdoor tiles

We recommend that you use the upgraded outdoor floor for basketball courts. It adopts the latest shock absorption technology, which greatly improves the impact absorption ability of the floor.

In addition, there is a variable expansion joint between the floors, you can also call it a “soft connection”. Its function is to prevent the tiles from being displaced due to temperature differences.

Indoor Tiles

Unlike outdoor tiles, indoor tiles do not require drainage. So we removed the drainage holes to make it more flat.

At the same time, the shock-absorbing pads on the back of the floor makes it have the shock-absorbing and noise-reducing capabilities similar to wooden floors. The ultimate choice for professional basketball club.

ZSFloor indoor flooring Elastic Mat

Service of basketball court installation

las vegas basketball court

Foundation construction

Before we provide basketball court installation las vegas service, you need to prepare a flat foundation. It’s easy for us to make the concrete foundation. Because they have professional construction license, tools and personnel.

Concrete or asphalt is a common choice. If your backyard or commercial project doesn’t have a concrete foundation or it’s not level enough, we can build it for you. It will fit the requirements perfectly.

Install surface and hoop

This includes installing the floor, drawing lines, adding custom logos, and installing the basketball hoop.

Most customers will choose the embedded basketball hoop because it is more professional. This required digging holes in the floor and fixing them with concrete. If you need a removable basketball hoop, it doesn’t need to be installed, just put it on the basketball court at the end. Then, install the basketball court tiles. Finally, we will add game lines and logos according to the design drawings for you.

backyard half basketball court
ZSFloor basketball courts gallery

ZSFloor Basketball Courts Gallery

Basketball court installation las vegas cost

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