backyard multi sport court

Backyard multi sport court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Build a safe and happy backyard multi sport court for kids and the whole family. Enjoy the sports time with your family. For example, combine basketball, pickleball, and tennis into a sports court.

ZSFloor’s solutions are not limited to the size of the backyard space, as we can provide customized services for each client. Also, our designers are glad to communicate with clients. The client proposes which sports they want to play, and the designer designs the court. Above all, you can add your favorite logo to it!

Backyard multi sport court tiles

One tile for many sports

We designed its surface pore size. On the one hand, whether it’s big balls like basketball and football or small balls like tennis and pickleballs, its rebound is consistent and unaffected. On the other hand, its water permeability is good. In addition, its surface is non-slip and has a safety design, so even if someone falls on it, their skin will not be injured. These are what our R&D staff say.

One sport tile of 6 patents

Check out our patents on this backyard multi sport court flooring and find flooring that is safe and secure enough for your family. Check out our patents on these products and find flooring that is safe and secure enough for your family. These designs make our floorings durable enough. Most importantly, it is safe enough for kids to use.

backyard court constructor building material


All modular floors require a concrete or asphalt foundation. It just need to be leveled. If you’re building a new backyard playground and don’t have a foundation, you can contact your local concrete company or message us and we can ask our local dealer lay the foundation for you.

Additional custom services

backyard green basketball courts

Anyone building a backyard multi sport court wants their backyard to be unique. It might be hard to do elsewhere, but ZSFloor makes it possible. We are a floor manufacturer, so we can fully customize the floor according to your requirements. For example, special color matching, special logo making. Unique products are important to backyard construction companies. Ask to learn more from us!

Backyard multi sport court price

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