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Mobile sports flooring

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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We have the solution of using mobile sports flooring to build a temporary sports court. It is a cost-effective, professional and fast solution for hosting events. In addition, we can draw the logo of the event on the courts.

ZSFloor is not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. In other words, we offer cheaper and highly customizable.

Mobile sports flooring options

Outdoor and indoor flooring

Outdoor NBA level mobile sports flooring and indoor wood-grain look floors. Different designs are used. Outdoor tiles can drain and dry quickly even when it rains. Indoor flooring have maintenance free wood look surface. The same is that they are all reusable and easy to install. Meanwhile, their shock absorption is excellent.

Detail parts of the floor

Firstly, ZSFloor is a responsible sports tile production company. We use high-grade raw materials. So our flooring is environmentally friendly and we can guarantee the longevity of the floor. Moreover, we have designed various parts of the floor, it can solve the troubles and worries of users and athletes when using it.

elastic pro features

Our Service


Daniel is the owner of a basketball club in Nevada, USA. He needs to add multiple basketball courts to his new basketball training school. So he contacted us online for a quote.

What we can provide

Firstly, our sales staff made reply and a variety of product introductions and quotations in a short time. Then, Daniel inquired about the characteristics of our mobile sports flooring after comparing the quotations of several products. So we made a comparison table, which includes price, construction time, warranty, rebound and friction. We compared with local brands, we not only have production advantages but also price advantages.

Make logo on mobile sports flooring

basketball training courts

Daniel sent us the house drawings for us to design. This is not easy, because we need to use the space reasonably and add as many basketball court functional areas as possible. In addition, the use of the individual basketball courts cannot affect each other. After we checked Daniel’s club website, we also proactively asked him if he needed to add the club logo to the middle of the pitch. He was very glad to make it. Finally, our designers completed the drawing design.

In conclusion, after completing the installation, the project was completed successfully.

Mobile sports flooring price

Leave a message for product price. If you are a sports court builder and provide services to others, we can provide you dealer prices as well as dealer market construction services.

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