portable sports flooring

Portable sports flooring

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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ZSFloor provide certified portable sports flooring. Some tours basketball organizer likes to use it. Because it can be disassembled and spliced repeatedly and its movement performance will not be affected. Most importantly, ZSFloor’s portable floor is not just for touring and you can use our patent to fix it to the ground. Then it will be a common, professional and durable playground.

Our flooring passed CE, ISO and other inspections. We uniquely develop and design products for indoor and outdoor floors, as well as wood grain surfaces. No matter what type of sports courts you need to build, we have the perfect solution and product for you.

Portable sports flooring options

Different options for indoor and outdoor flooring

Here, I only show you two products per scene. But we offer more than that. Even for different sports, we have corresponding and suitable products, which is why we have always been so professional.

Other design

We improved these details for high-intensity exercise. In other words, it gives us the durability of the floor. Therefore, we can provide you with an unconditional warranty.

elastic pro features

How to choose portable sports flooring?

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Simon is going to host a 3×3 basketball tour with a local brand. He is the key person in charge of this project. As the races traveled across the country, they needed portable sports flooring that could be quickly installed. In addition, the parameters of the floor must meet the competition standards.

Ask solution

Firstly, we had a video conference with Simon. We learned about this business opportunity and introduced our products, and he has several intended products. In addition, Simon is also connecting with other companies to obtain high-quality tiles. Thirdly, we sent him samples, so he can compare them. Really good products are not afraid to compare. During the period, he asked us professional questions, such as springback coefficient, etc., and we all answered and provided experimental data. Finally, he chose Elastic X. This is the biggest recognition for ZSFloor.

3 on 3 basketball court

Portable sports flooring build solution

Ask us for quotation and get build solution. You can put your logo on it!

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