outdoor shuffleboard court

Outdoor shuffleboard court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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We provide official size 40 feet outdoor shuffleboard court kits that include 6-foot shooting. Build a place for family entertainment.

The ball can move smoothly on it. The kit comes with a game line, so you don’t have to worry about need adding game lines yourself after receiving the goods. It works with all kinds of weather, most importantly, we offer 10 years quality warranty.

Outdoor shuffleboard court floor

Common kit floor

Compared with the lattice-shaped floor, this kind of floor has better water permeability. He is not affected by the weather. Because most clients choose to use it to build outdoor shuffleboard court. In addition, the surface has no raised parts, in other words, the disc can slide well on it, and its direction and speed will not be affected by the floor.


elastic pro features


The price of the product using the Elastic Pro kit is $600, and there may be some difference in price if you choose another product.

How to buy outdoor shuffleboard court?

Firstly, you need to leave a message online to tell us your contact information and address. Secondly, we will contact you within 24 hours to determine the outdoor shuffleboard court product and color of your choice. Color is optional, you can refer to our color card. Finally, we will ship it for you within 7 days, and it will be delivered to your door by a logistics company. During this period, if you have any installation and after-sales problems, please contact us in time.

Our customer

Local backyard builder

In early 2022, a backyard construction company from the United States hopes to add shuffleboard court products as a highlight of the company. He looked for a sports floor manufacturer and approached us for product communication.

Size and color

shuffleboard court size

When he saw our company’s product features and factory videos, he recognized us. At the same time, our technical staff explained the foundation requirements for him. After that, he offered that he would buy 50 kits as an initial order, and multiple purchases would cost less shipping. We did the color and drawing design for him. When everything was ready, we shipped him on time.

Build outdoor shuffleboard court cost

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