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Temporary sports flooring

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Temporary sports flooring is a great option when some brands need hold a basketball events. ZSFloor tiles have low requirements on the foundation and do not require on-site construction by workers, and each flooring is connected by special buttons to fit tightly.

In addition, since it is a sports competition, it has certain requirements for the sports performance of the court. Because ZSFloor has been specializing in sports floors for over 10 years, we have solved this problem. Therefore, our floors meet FIBA requirements!

Temporary sports flooring options

Outdoor game tiles

It is an outdoor basketball court floor and is named Elite X. Some well-known brand projects such as NBA outdoor basketball courts are often use it.

portable nba basketball court

It has a rebound of 98% and a shock absorption of 65%, reaching the FIBA Level 1 standard (the highest level).

temporary sports flooring

Why can it be used in match?

High quality requirements and great detailing make it unusual.

temporary sports flooring features

How do we help customer finish an event project?

temporary sport court

Who need temporary sports flooring?

Midtbyen Basket from Norway is a well-known local basketball club. They need to co-host a basketball event with some local brands and be attended by members of the club. For them, this is a more important event, so they looked for some suppliers of temporary sports flooring in advance.

In conclusion, they found ZSFloor and asked our samples.

What we do for them?

Because the local weather is rainy and it is for outdoor use. In other words, this means that they have high requirements for the anti-slip properties of the floor, and its anti-slip properties cannot be affected after rain. In addition, after the floor is wet, it needs to be dried in a short time, otherwise it will affect the progress of the game. So our sales staff recommended Elite X to the project leader based on these characteristics.

When they received the samples, they looked at it with the heads of other brands and they thought it worked great. Compared to temporary sports flooring of the same quality from local brands, it is clear that we are more professional and less expensive.

Add event logo

Obviously, the active basketball court needs to add the brand’s logo on it, even if it is more complicated, we can do it well. Because our lines and logo drawing staff are drawing the logos of different clients every day. In other words, they particularly have experience. Midtbyen Basket sent us their logo and we pre-painted it in the factory and sent it to them. They just need to put the floor together according to the drawing, and then the game line and logo automatically appear.

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