garage basketball court

Garage basketball court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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More and more families would like to make a garage basketball court. This is usually a gift from the father to the child and family. They want to be able to exercise without leaving home, and basketball fanatics want to be able to play at any time.

ZSFloor provides construction solutions for garage sport court. You can choose to buy directly from us or choose our local dealer who can come to your door to service and install it for you. All you need to do is tell us your favorite color.

Garage basketball court tile

Good load-bearing floor

It has shock absorption capability and noise reduction. Dozens of support columns provide support to ensure the normal passage of vehicles.

6 major designs

elastic pro features

Why use this tile to build garage basketball court

3 big disadvantages of concrete garage

Most garages are tiled or just concrete. There is no problem to park, but you can’t use it as a basketball court. Firstly, when playing inside, the concrete and tiles are very hard, and there is no shock-absorbing material on the ground, which will cause damage to the athletes’ joints. Secondly, the rebound is not professional enough when playing the ball on the ground. Thirdly, playing on it makes a loud noise that may cause complaints from neighbors.

Environmentally friendly

ZSFloor’s PP modular floor is completely eco-friendly. Unlike other materials, our floors do not need to be bonded with harmful substances such as glue, our floors are connected by buttons. More importantly, in indoor environments such as garage basketball court, the air circulation is not good enough, but the materials we use are odorless and harmful gas, which is very safe.

Customer Case

There were 14 colors can be chosen, so we and Jane discuss the color match together and our designer will give different color match options for reference. Jane also need customized her family logo, putting the logo in the middle of the court design. So after she sent us the logo to me. Our designer start design it, adjust the logo’s place and size. Finally, she chose the last drawing. Then, finished it, her kids love it very much!

garage indoor basketball court

Our garage basketball court price

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