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30×30 basketball court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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Decorate your backyard with the ZSFloor sports kit of 30×30 basketball court. As you can see, you can add any team logo and signature you like or even your family logo on the court.
When you finished the basketball court it will be a place for the whole family to exercise. Above all, because the ZSFloor basketball floor can meet the requirements of the competition level, it will be a place to practice professional players!

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Kit’s floor of our 30×30 basketball court

Floor detail photos

After our survey and feedback from customers, most of the customers require that the surface of the sports court can dry within 2 hours when it rains. As a result, you can see that our texture is porous and beautiful. It will dry quickly after rain.

Secondly, the white part at the bottom has high elasticity and shock absorption ability. It is one of our patents, we call it Elastic Cushions.

Why it is suitable of home backyard?

Firstly, please check out our 30×30 basketball court floor designs, including floor sizes and surfaces that have been improved for home use. In addition, it contains our 3 product patents.

elastic pro features

Meaningful 30×30 basketball court

Port basketball court

Ports of Auckland is the largest port in New Zealand, founded in 1985. In 2005, the container throughput reached 660,000 TEUS, accounting for 38% of the total container throughput of New Zealand ports. The volume of rolling cars has reached 200,000; Other kinds of bulk cargo throughput of 4 million tons. New Zealand is divided into north Island and South Island. There are 11 container ports in the country, among which Auckland port is the largest. The port of Auckland plays an important role in regional development, accounting for 32% of Auckland’s economic activity and 13% of New Zealand’s economic activity. It also provides 200,000 jobs in New Zealand. In addition to the above features, Ports of Auckland also has a luxurious outdoor basketball court.

ZSFloor service for Ports of Auckland

ZSFloor manufacture, ship and assemble the 30×30 basketball court to customer. We used Brazilian blue as the main color scheme for the outdoor basketball court, echoing the azure waters surrounding Ports of Auckland. The city of Auckland had long wanted to build a luxury outdoor basketball court at Ports of Auckland, but struggled to find a suitable manufacturer until the ZSFloor changed the situation. After that, ZSFloor’s outdoor basketball court at Ports of Auckland on 6 June 2021 has been well received by the City of Auckland, which has maintained a close relationship with ZSFloor.

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