25x25 basketball court

25×25 basketball court

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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ZSFloor In order to deliver fast to customers, we will make stock in advance and make some 25×25 basketball court. We will not determine the color of the customer, the customer can choose the color they like for the key area and other areas.

Likewise, you can choose your own flooring. Our sales will recommend the most suitable tiles for you according to your usage environment. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the price, we have developed products with different price gradients.

Tile of 25×25 basketball court

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This is the Elastic Pro, our customers would like to choose to use it in some areas with variable environments and large temperature differences. You need 625 pieces of elastic pro to build a 25×25 basketball court.

Why people like it?

Firstly, these designs increase its service life. Buy once and use for life. Secondly, these designs enhance the professionalism of the basketball court. It has a good balance of ball rebound and shock absorption, so both data are FIBA compliant.

elastic pro features

School 25×25 basketball court

Our customer

The University of Auckland is a top university in New Zealand. Founded in 1883, the university is located in Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand. It is the largest comprehensive university engaged in teaching and research and has the most majors in New Zealand. Known as New Zealand’s “national treasure” university, it is one of the world’s outstanding comprehensive research universities and enjoys a high international reputation.

The University of Auckland is not only famous in academic circles around the world, but also excelled in sports, especially basketball. Therefore, The University of Auckland plans to expand the existing campus and add 25×25 basketball court. However, sports flooring companies integrating research and development, production and transportation are rare in New Zealand.

How they find ZSFloor?

However, by chance, The University of Auckland quickly contacted ZSFloor after seeing the successful case of Takapuna Grammar School. ZSFloor continued to provide high quality products and services and solved the problem of expanding the outdoor basketball court for The University of Auckland. In the case of The University of Auckland, ZSFloor provided the company’s most cutting-edge products and customized colors, and the final result was satisfactory to everyone. On the other hand, The University of Auckland’s plan to expand its outdoor basketball court was a success, further strengthening the university’s position in the world university rankings.

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