driveway basketball court

driveway basketball court

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Most driveway basketball court are made of concrete or asphalt. But its use frequency is very low. As we all know, asphalt and concrete basketball courts are hard surfaces. When the athlete jumps on it, the body will generate a force on the ground due to gravity. But concrete and asphalt are inherently rigid materials that deform very little (almost nothing) so that the force cannot be dispersed. Eventually this force returns to the athlete’s leg joint. Over time, this can cause irreparable damage to athlete’s leg. It’s very common! This is a matter of concern.

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Driveway baskebtall court size

Because the driveway basketball court is installed in the aisle of the garage, it is usually small in size and not large enough to fit a full full court and half court. ZSFloor provides some driveway basketball court templates for customers to choose from. For example, 25*30 feet, 20*30 feet, 50*35 feet. Of course, we also provide customized sizes to meet customer needs.

The reason we provide this template size is to meet the needs of most customers for the three-point line. After our design, the small-sized personal basketball court also has the ability to train three-pointers!

Driveway baskebtall court tiles surface

Load capacity, shock absorption and service life need to be considered when choosing surface materials. In short, you need to choose according to the parameters of the product.

Load capacity

driveway basketball court tiles load-bearing columns

Because the driveway basketball court needs to withstand the rolling of moving cars. Its load-bearing capacity must be greater than the weight of the car to prevent it from being damaged. What ZSFloor offers is a modular sports floor. The load-bearing capacity of the modular floor is determined by the load-bearing columns. It is located on the raised part of the back of the floor. When using different raw materials and additives, the load-bearing capacity will change. The raw materials we use are all high-quality PP particles, and our R&D personnel have used suitable additives to enhance the strength of the load-bearing column.

Shock absorption

the animation shows the shock absorption ability of the elastic cushion

The ZSFloor’s floor is equipped with elastic cushions on the back, which deform when subjected to pressure, breaking down the force. And it can be quickly restored to the original appearance. The force on the athlete’s legs will be greatly reduced, thus ensuring their safety.

Service life

expansion screws can be installed under the cover in the middle of the floor

When the basketball court floor is run over by cars day in and day out, we don’t want it to crack, dislodge or break down after a while. Therefore, ZSFloor’s floor has added safety guards to fix the floor. It is installed in the cover on top of the floor and does not affect the overall structure of the floor. So it can guarantee the service life of the product. Typically, our floors come with a 10-year warranty.

Driveway baskebtall court- installation time

Because our driveway floor is modular, it can be installed in a few hours. Will not affect daily use.

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