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ZSFloor are modular tennis court builders and manufacturer with decades of experience. Our floors are used in various commercial projects, such as Adidas tennis court. And it had achieved good market feedback. You will learn the modular flooring advantages and installation methods of the tennis court here, so you can get the tennis court construction plan at cheap price.

Table of contents

  1. Modular flooring advantages
  2. Installation methods
  3. Build tennis court price comparison

Tennis court builders- Modular flooring advantages

adidas ocean tennis court

The biggest advantage of building a tennis court with modular floors is that it is cheap and requires no maintenance. ZSFloor tennis court it does not need maintenance, once installation and lifetime use. What’s more, it contains elastic pads at the bottom, which is our product patents. The elastic pad can improve the cushioning capacity of the floor and protect the athlete’s joints. So our flooring can be used in Adidas court.

Firstly, in the beginning people liked to use grass to build tennis courts, they were expensive to build. In addition, grass tennis courts require frequent maintenance, which is not a small expense.

Secondly, some people will use clay to build courts. Clay material is cheap, but its follow-up maintenance costs are high. After comprehensive calculation, his cost is not low.

Installation methods

outdoor tennis court floor

Clay and grass require professional construction workers to install, which takes a lot of time. As we know, the labor cost is high and if it can’t be done in a short time, it will greatly increase the cost. ZSFloor’s modular floors attach via snaps and can be installed in a few hours, or you can even install it yourself, it’s simple.

Build tennis court price comparison

A full tennis court measures 78 feet x 36 feet, and you can get an idea of the construction cost by comparing this materials. This price includes installation and maintenance.

Materialunit price/sqfttotal price
Modular flooring in US3-5$8,400-14,040$
ZSFloor modular flooring2-3.5$5,600-9,800$

Contact ZSFloor to get a quotation and court drawings.

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