make basketball court cheap

How to make a basketball court cheap

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Also, people can get involved at a lower cost. More and more people hope to build their own basketball court. So they can train and play in home at any time.
But building a full basketball court is not cheap. So, we will list how to build a basketball court cheap in terms of court size, material, construction method, total price.

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Make basketball court cheap – reduce size

As we know, a full NBA basketball court dimension is 94 by 50 feet (28.7 by 15.2 m). FIBA and high school basketball courts will be slightly shorter in length. If you’re going to build a full basketball court in your home, it’s not only going to cost you a lot of money but also take up most of your backyard. In conclusion, the number one way to build a cheap basketball court is to reduce the size of the court.

When the size of the basketball court is appropriately reduced, it will not affect your feeling when using it. As can be seen in Figure 1, the basketball court drawing, we still have part of the three-point line. In other words, you can still train on your 3-point shooting ability. Picture 2 is what it looks like after it’s finished, you can not only train basketball on it but also do other sports training. For example, the approximate size of this backyard basketball court is: 32 by 17 feet. It can save a lot of money.

Make basketball court cheap – choose cheap material

The available materials for the construction of the basketball court are: concrete basketball court, PU basketball court, EPDM basketball court, modular basketball court. With the exception of concrete basketball courts, modular basketball courts are the least expensive to build.

Firstly, concrete is the base layer of a basketball court, some family had already poured in home backyards. But, people will choose to lay other materials on it to protect the kinematic joints.

Secondly, the material prices of PU and EPDM basketball courts are roughly the same as modular floors, but they require professional workers for construction. Construction costs extra money, which can cost a lot of money in high labor cost regions like Europe and the US.

Finally, we would recommend using modular flooring to make a basketball court cheap. You can install it by yourself and it has low requirements on the construction environment and it has maintenance-free design. In regions such as Europe and the United States, its price is: 3-7$/sqft. But as a manufacturer of modular flooring, ZSFloor sells it at the factory price, the price is: 0.9-2.5$/sqft. In conclusion, if you want to build a cheap basketball court, modular flooring is a very cost-effective choice.

Make basketball court cheap – construction method

Usually, the main steps in the construction of all materials are making the concrete base, installing the basketball hoop, laying the basketball court surface material and so on. Here, we mainly introduce the construction method: make a basketball court cheap-modular flooring, it needs 6 steps to finish it.

  1. Build concrete base
  2. Measure the size of the court
  3. Make court drawing
  4. Install the basketball hoop
  5. Installing basketball court surfaces – eg. modular flooring
  6. Paint lines and finish it

1. Build concrete base

build basketball court concrete base

If your backyard already has a concrete base, this step can be omitted. If you don’t already have a the base, the easiest way is to contact a local construction company to help you get it done. Our recommendation starts with a 5mm layer of gravel. Then, build a 10mm thick concrete base.

2. Measure the size of the court

measure the size of the court

You will need to measure the size of the area in your backyard that you are going to build a basketball court in. These include length and width. If the area is not regular, in other words it includes some corners. You can just measure it and draw a sketch.

3. Make court drawing

how to make a basketball court cheap - small court drawing

Contact a designer to make drawings of the court. In it, you can choose the color combination of the court, the quantity of floors, the position of the game lines and the installation position of the basketball hoop. Plus, you can even design multiple game lines to turn it into a multipurpose court.

4. Install the basketball hoop

basketball hoop

Install the basketball hoop on the court according to the location of the drawing. You can choose a fixed basketball hoop, which has great durability. Plus, you can choose a removable and height-adjustable basketball hoop. In this way, children can also train on it.

5. Installing basketball court surfaces

install basketball court flooring

If you choose pu or epdm material, you need to ask professional construction personnel to do the construction. However, when you choose modular flooring, you can install it yourself. This can save you a lot of money. It’s as easy as a jigsaw puzzle by piecing the pieces together according to the drawings.

6. Paint lines and finish it

paint basketball court lines

Ultimately, you need to draw the game line on it. This requires a certain level of skill. First you need to measure where to draw the line. You will then need to tape around the line where you will draw the line to prevent paint from being applied to other areas while the line is being drawn. Ultimately, you’ll need to wait for the paint to dry and remove the tape.
If you design your favorite logo on the court, you need to draw it in the same way. If it is a multi-color logo, it is very complicated to draw.
Of course, you can also find construction workers to help you draw game lines and logos. This will increase your costs. If you choose ZSFloor’s modular floor, we will draw the game line and logo for you before shipping, saving cost and saving your time. Best of all, our gaming line is painted, it’s flatter and lasts longer.

Make basketball court cheap – total price

how to make a basketball court cheap - small backyard court
  • Modular flooring: 0.9 -2.5 $ /sqft
  • Shippind cost: 1 $ /sq ft
  • Court drawings: free
  • Lines: 0.1 $ /sqft
  • Total price: 2 – 3.6$/sqft
  • For example: 32 by 17 feet: total 1500 $

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