prefabricated running track

Prefabricated Running Track

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Prefabricated Running Track construction Material

ZSFloor prefabricated running track is made of TPE material. Therefore, it is completely recyclable, non-toxic and odorless. Moreover, we use a high molecular weight material to the track surface, so it can enhances the surface’s abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. In conclusion, it increases the track’s service life.

prefabricated running track surface

There are some advantages of prefabricated tracks compared to sandwich tracks. Firstly, its construction difficulty is low. Second, its shock absorption is better. Last but not least, it’s more professional. Therefore, it is widely used in professional school playgrounds and sports venues.

Prefabricated Running Track installation

You can use two different ways to install the track. Because they can deal with different ground conditions. Firstly, one installation method requires that the strength of the foundation is high enough. And you attach the track to the ground via glue. However, another installation requires only a flat foundation. Because it is connected by high-strength adhesive tape. In short, no matter what the ground conditions are, you can use ZSFloor runway materials for construction.

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Prefabricated Track Product Features


Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable TPE material

track - connection system

Connection System

It is welded by special welding materials or glued (optional), which has high strength and is not easy to crack and fall off, further improving the comprehensive outdoor adaptability of the product.

Size and Weight

Weight: 14kg/m2(±0.8kg)

track - surface texture

Surface Texture

Corn grain surface is adopted, which has large frictional resistance, and the surface layer does not turn white, ensures the appearance of the whole track.


Athletic track red

track - support system

Support System

It is composed of a bionic honeycomb structure evenly distributed at the bottom, which can meet high-intensity exercise and ensure the consistency of exercise experience.

Product Description

1Shock Absorption35%-50%
2Verfical Deformation0.6-1.8MM
3Quantity of Glue1.2-1.5 KG/SQM
4SurfaceCorn grain Surface
5CertificateCE, SGS, ISO
6Warranty6 Years
7ApplicationSchools, Stadiums, Outdoor playgrounds
Prefabricated Running Track Parameter

Track Project Cases

stadium prefabricated running track case
gym track
outdoor school track

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