pickleball court surface

Pickleball court surface

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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ZSFloor provides pickleball court surface for home backyard builders and commercial projects. Once the surface is installed, you don’t need to spend extra time maintaining it. You just need to clean up the fallen leaves on it to keep it looking beautiful. What’s more, you can use it more than ten years.

Compared to acrylic, it is cheaper to use the ZSFloor modular interlocking floors. Because you don’t need get some professional construction crews to spend a lot of time installing it. If you have time, you can install it with your family and it’s very easy and quick.

Pickleball court surface tiles

Double-layer lattice surface

The reason we designed this two-layer structure is to ensure that the small ball has the same rebound on the floor. The bottom has white special material shock absorbers to protect the joints of you and your family. You can see that the shock absorbers are all distributed, including the floor joints. This ensures consistent rebound.

Increase floor durability

These designs of the floor increase the durability of the floor from various aspects.

pickleball material

Increase the use of the scene

On the other hand, these designs make our floors more versatile. The high strength of the tiles brings about high applicability. In other words, it can be used not only for pickleball court surface but also for basketball court, tennis court and etc. The surface of the floor is non-slip, and the rebound is enough to meet the needs of high-intensity sports such as basketball. Use it to bring multiple pleasures to your court.

How to divide the game area

The way we turned pickleball court surface into a multi sports court flooring is by using different game lines. Firstly, we will divide the area according to the size of the court. For example, a full-court basketball court usually has a pickleball area in the middle, like figure 1. A half-court basketball court will rotate the pickleball 90 degrees and place it in the basketball court. A standard tennis court can add around 4 pickleball areas. Secondly, we carry out regional standardization through game lines of different colors. This is to prevent athletes from confusing different game lines. Finally, we will spray the line before leaving the factory, and the customer will install it according to the drawing.

pickleball basketball court
Figure 1:Pickleball basketball court

Pickleball court surface cost

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