indoor soccer flooring

Indoor soccer flooring

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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ZSFloor’s indoor soccer flooring offers unmatched durability. At the same time, it provides users with economical construction solutions. Our surfaces meet the requirements after tens of thousands of wear tests. So, we can proudly tell you that it is maintenance free.

The traditional outdoor soccer court uses grass, but it is not suitable for indoor use. It’s expensive to maintain and not conducive to event use and adding commercial logos. That’s why we have developed sports flooring specifically for indoor use.

Design of indoor soccer flooring

Why we adopted this design

You can see that there are white pads on the back of the indoor soccer flooring, its role is to provide shock absorption and increase the friction between the ground and the floor. This inspiration comes from artificial grass. Usually, when laying artificial grass soccer court outdoors, people first lay a layer of shock absorption layer and then lay the artificial grass surface layer. This is to prevent injuries when the athlete falls or tackles. So our floors are designed with unique shock-absorbing particles. Above all, this is our patent.


indoor basketball court flooring features

How we help our customer make soccer court

Kevin is a builder based in Brazil. His main business is house and hotel construction. By chance, a client asked him to help build an indoor soccer court. Due to his own shortcomings in the field of sports materials, and at the time he had no suppliers that he had worked with. When he was worried about this, his friend introduced ZSFloor to him. Because we had built basketball court for him and he is satisfied.

Get basic information and recommend products

Firstly, we learned from Kevin that this is a commercial project, and some brands will involve in this project. This means they need to add logos and slogans to the stadium. In addition, brand owners have higher requirements on the performance of the floor, and they will invite players to show their skills on it. In other words, the anti-slip of the floor must be good. Further, we also discussed some other details. It is worth mentioning that we will never communicate with Kevin’s clients privately, what we do is to help him complete the project and get benefits. Finally, we recommended Elastic Mat to him.

Help paint indoor soccer flooring lines

This is our basic service, we will draw lines and logos for each of our clients.

soccer sport court

Indoor soccer flooring factory price

Tell us the general information of the project and we will report the project for you. Buy indoor soccer flooring at factory price.

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