how much does it cost to build a pickleball court

How much does it cost to build a pickleball court

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When you use the ZSFloor court surface, how much does it cost to build a pickleball court? We are sports portable floor manufacturers, so you can buy excellent products at low costs from us. We have sports surfaces for you, the average cost for a 44′ x 20′ pickleball court is $2000, and what’s more, that includes shipping price.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the floor being damaged and displaced after a few years of use. ZSFloor provides 10-years warranty to every customer. This is our spirit, so our floors can be used in some kinds of big events. For example, NBA events court, Nike court and more, you can click to check our Facebook for more.

Recommended pickle court flooring

How much does it cost to build a pickleball court – Elastic Double-Tier

As you can see, the holes on its surface are dense, and many reinforcing ribs ensure the strength of the product. That is to say, it’s suitable for pickleball court and its price is $1.5 per square foot.

Tile application

tennis floor features

A sport gym project court from ZSFloor

Who is our customer

I am a construction company boss from Brazil, and our main business is mainly focusing on building constructing. And from 2020, we have some projects in sports buildings projects, and the project covers building, surface, chairs, netting, hoop…

Check ZSFloor samples

I did my first project by using a local sports facility supplier because the timeline is tight and we have to complete this whole project before deadline. The time I contacted suppliers is also a little late. So I decide to use a local supplier. But I requested samples from ZSFloor to check its quality just in case any future needs.

Honestly speaking, when I received samples from ZSFloor, I and my friend (a professional athlete) checked its quality from both companies. It’s without hesitation to choose ZSFloor product if no tight timeline limitation.

Use ZSFloor to build pickleball court

In 2021, I had another project which I need to build a court also, so I contacted the person and asked for quotation and timetable. He gave me a very clear picture of whole process, and I know when I need to handle this. He also talked to me how to handle customs. So I found a customs broker recommended by my friend to help me out.

Even though the whole time is a little long in waiting, but it’s really worthy. When I got those tiles completed for my sport gym project, my customer is really satisfied when he saw this and played on it, better structure, and more functions. He even told me to build more court in 2022. I am so happy for this, and I believe this project can lead more courts in the future.
Looking forward to our next cooperation.

Next cooperate

It’s a trustworthy company who is seriously working on this products, and I am hoping to see their other sport court tiles and athletic track product, because I may have a project of pickleball needed. They had tell me how much does it cost to build a pickleball court. Let’s see.

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