diy pickleball court

Diy pickleball court

ZSFloor Tech’s sports flooring is produced by ourself, so we can sell it at factory prices: $1-2.5 per square foot. It can save you more than 50% of court construction costs.

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Pickleball is one of the popular sports. Many people want to build a diy pickleball court in their own backyard or club for daily training. So you need a supplier who can provide you with customized services and they have flooring with professional sports performance.

ZSFloor can not only provide you with customized logo and other services, but also our interlocking floor has passed professional rebound testing. Use cheap price build your sport court now.

Choose the flooring of diy pickleball court

Cost-effective pickleball floor

It is Elastic Grid Unity, its biggest feature is that it is suitable for pickleballs and its price is attractive, price is $1.4/sq ft.

elastic grid unity features

More other sports floor

Different sports flooring outdoor options from ZSFloor. All the tiles are customizable.

sport floooring outdoor

What factors I consider when choose among different surfaces?

Canada use environment

I live in Canada, and it’s quite cold winter here. And I bought a diy pickleball court from ZSFloor company because I want to improve my playing skills as a professional pickleball player in my country. I often have training in my club, where I stay most time with my partner.

Diy pickleball court in club

The ground in my club is a cement ground, and need to be rebuilding because it’s hard and cannot meet my requirements. This club is bought not long ago, and I planned to use this club as a team training place and a renting club for other people at the same time. So I don’t want to totally change it and maybe a portable surfacing is better for my situation, just in case of other plans on this court.

Floor test

So I contacted before which is recommended by my friend, who bought courts from them. The first thing is the quotation, and I need it to be within my budget range. They quoted to me. I think it’s workable, so I check more details and also request for samples. It’s really quick to receive samples. I also asked my friends and partners to test on those samples. After testing, I decide to use their cushioned model which has neat grid, and this will not influence my ball rebound direction. The feeling playing on it is quite great and relieved, because I can definitely feel its shock absorption feeling when I play. This is completely what I need.

Finished court and logo

diy pickleball court with logo

I also order extra tiles for another sport, because around my area, there are many basketball addicts, and they need an indoor court to play or have fun during long winter period. Up to now, my club runs well and customers like to play here, me too. I believe this tile from ZSFloor is 100% worth investing. I will also recommend this to others when they ask me.

Ask diy pickleball court price

At the same time you can send your diy logo to us, we will calculate the price of making the logo for you.

ZSFloor Tech’s Google Reviews

Alan Quinn
Alan Quinn

I have been working with Sheryl and she has been excellent in her response and professionalism.

Tyler Howell
Tyler Howell

I recently started a roller rink business and these tiles that they have provided me are a BLESSING! they’re perfect for what I’m doing and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

David Cruzado
David Cruzado

brian colla
brian colla

The purchase of the court was an easy process and Stella made everything very smooth. She communicated with me throughout the process and provided excellent service. The product was easy to install and looks fantastic.

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How We Ensure Tiles Quality and Ship

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How We Ensure Quality?

¡Obtenga las mejores ofertas en pisos para canchas deportivas!

Precios Inmejorables: Garantizamos los mejores precios del mercado, $1-$2.5 por pie cuadrado.
Garantía de Calidad: 15 años de garantía.
Personalización: Adapte su cancha a sus preferencias con nuestras opciones versátiles.

Desbloquea estas ofertas exclusivas dejando tu información de contacto y te enviaremos un código de descuento especial que podrás usar en tu próxima compra.

Ahorro en Costos de Cancha Deportiva

¡Obtenga las mejores ofertas en pisos para canchas deportivas!

Desbloquea estas ofertas exclusivas dejando tu información de contacto y te enviaremos un código de descuento especial que podrás usar en tu próxima compra.

Ahorro en Costos de Cancha Deportiva