hockey tiles

Hockey tiles

ZSFloor Tech professional & safe sports flooring equipped with built-in shock absorbers, sell at factory price.

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ZSFloor has designed an economical hockey tiles for users. Not only It have an easy way to build it, but it can also be applied to any changes in the ground as needed. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in strenuous exercise, we provide a ten-year warranty for every person.

Hockey tiles description

Tiles detail photos

ZSFloor design drainage holes for the hockey tiles and you can use it in a variety of environments. After our testing and the use of our customers, this does not affect the gliding speed of the athlete.

Special designs we made

Firstly, we fix the floor with a safety system. It prevents floor displacement caused by intense exercise. Secondly, we prevent the different temperatures in summer and winter from destroying the floor through the energy lock. In conclusion, we have made a lot of efforts to improve the quality of our products.

elastic pro features

Hockey tiles material

When you are considering building a hockey court for kids at home, which hockey tiles material you like? Maybe the first material you think is real ice. Besides this, you may also consider it’s too complex for constructing a base panel, and costly in maintenance. Meanwhile, it’s a little expensive.

Currently, there are two main synthetic materials which can replace real ice court. One is HDPE (High-density polyethylene), and the other one is PP (polypropylene). Between the two, there are some beneficial points in modified Polypropylene flooring.

Seven reasons for the love of our hockey tiles

  1. The most economical material way for families, less cost in material and also in shipping.
  2. Can be more practical for sports, like hockey, basketball and futsal can be realized on the same court, while the other one cannot.
  3. Easier in mobility when you want to move the court inside in winter, this is always easy way in handling and a kid can easily move if not fixed into the ground. Fixation is optional and it depends on your consideration. For example, when there is strong wind, you may use it to keep tile stick to the ground.
  4. Colors are more various, customs colors or listed color options available, light your court.
  5. Environmentally friendly material. You can move the court tiles to a processing company like plastic chair bar or any lower requirements companies on this raw material. So this material can be recyclable.
  6. It can resist temperature from -50 degrees to 70 degrees. No matter where you are living, the lock system can better react the temperature change.
  7. Affordable price.

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